gaea21 in an applied research center in circular economy and green economy that, after a decade of independent research, comes with a model, programs and projects aimed at stimulating a change of paradigm and at transforming our society in depth.

gaea21's goal is to introduce a change in the behavior of our society's stakeholders through the creation of diverse tools and action programs.

We think that this strategy possesses within itself the promises of a world that would be at the same time more efficient, happier and more sustainable.

Our model revolves around the creation and providing of tools and programs in order to coach individuals, communities and organizations towards a more efficient use of their resources, as well as more durable and profitable production and consumption choices.

gaea21 is a non-profit 1 organization, which means that the product of its activities are not redistributed to its stockholders but reinvested in projects.

The particularity of gaea21 is that it is a social organization constituted of 3 complementary profiles :
• students undergoing their training or looking for a first job after obtention of their diploma
• people looking for a job
• professionals and consultants looking for contracts

The collaboration between these 3 groups in structured around strong common values :
• knowledge transmission and skills management
• collaborative management of projects and time management
• efficiency and sustainability

1 Official Swiss non-profit organization


We are facilitators in sustainability issues.

gaea21 attempts to reduce the distance between consumers and producers within the frame of green economy.

Our action model takes as source, and finds its logic in, behaviorist theories; we pursue the objective of a simultaneous and convergent change in behavior of both the offer and the demands for a responsible production and consumption.

gaea21’s action levers deal with the search, orientation, education, information and evaluation of skills, the creation and implementation of models and projects in circular economy.

In brief, the creation of tools and methods that stimulate the behavioral changes and the accelerated transition towards a responsible economic and social model.

« gaea21's model relies on the dynamics of the effects
included within a system or structure . »

In the same way as a change can bring negative impacts at the 1 st , 2 nd or 3 rd level, it is possible to positively improve a structure, whatever it is (individual, family, business,region, country) by creating a series of specific changes.

From this point of view, gaea21’s work and projects rely on the creation of models in circular economy based on the dynamics of the effects induced within a system or structure.




The fundamental values that constitute the basis and framework of gaea21’s action model are structured around 4 dimensions :

• Dimension 1: the systemic approach and the notion of induced effects triggered as vectors and motors for a change.

• Dimension 2: put the human back at the heart of the sustainability equation and make it become the motor for sustainability.

• Dimension 3: galvanize and tighten the relations between the society’s stakeholders in order to stimulate job creation to reduce the socio-economic split that characterizes our world.

• Dimension 4: go beyond the traditional division between economy, society and environment in implementing models for circular economy and green economy at a local and regional level.
With these 4 dimensions as a basis, gaea21 has designed a scientific model revolving around 8 pillars:



This model includes a dynamics for change that is addressed to 2 distinct groups :

Producers of goods and services and/or service providers
gaea21’s model is based on behaviorist theories.
It first implies an identification of the processes that underlie the consumption choices and habits, then a development of the incentive tools and models in order to respond to these processes and influence them positively.

Consumers thus acquire through an active awareness and targeted information the ability to develop their eco-awareness but most and foremost the tools allowing them to take action in becoming consum’actors (responsible consumers).

In parallel, gaea21’s model promotes a logic of responsible production that has for induced effect:

- an improvement of the efficiency of their production modes and processes
- a rise of the quality of their products and/or services all in reducing their production cost
- an improvement of the work conditions, notably through the optimization of the organization processes within their structures.


Why are intention declarations not followed by actions ?

The reasons for this lack of action are numerous :

• A lack of knowledge, less concern for this issue compared to others, dominant values that are not particularly favorable to this change but, also practical obstacles (infrastructures, offers, prices, etc.).• Most people say they are ready to perform actions that have in fact a very limited effect (like for instance, sorting waste is the action that comes largely, first in opinion surveys to the question: “what actions are you ready to take first ? ”.- European Commission, 2005, cited by La revue Durable, 2007).

• The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was born from pressing requests emanating from the said “civil” society (that is to say both environmental and humanitarian organizations), that were active in promoting the taking into consideration of the impacts of economic activities, with the aim to make firms aware of their responsibilities. “The CSR thus translates the concept of sustainability applied to business. We are faced with a growing pressure from the civil society in order to better take into account the environmental and human stakes within the businesses’ activities. This encourages certain groups with an unenviable reputation from this point of view, to regain a green image at low price, for example in communicating abundantly about a few responsible actions all in continuing in parallel the same activities, which are disastrous for Humans and Nature” Source : notre-planete.info, http//:www.notre-planete.info/actualites/actu_3534_prix_pinocchio_2012.php

• If the businesses present themselves as virtuous, especially concerning ecology, one notices that their impact is negative on the environment or on society, and thus an obvious difference between the image that they want to give about themselves through their communication (projected image), and their effective actions both at the strategic and the operational levels.

• Consumers are becoming aware that companies are included in the solution to the great environmental problems. But this awareness is not necessarily translated by different consumption habits and choices that would have the impact of forcing companies to adopt more responsible production methods.

The understanding of this issue is low.
But there is an even greater lack in the knowledge of alternative practices, and above all in the ability to evaluate the impact of these solutions.


In order to answer this issue, gaea21 has developed a 2-dimension action model, based on the simultaneous modification of the market’s offer and demand.